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Mati, Greece

The rebuilding of a fire-ravaged village on the East coast of the Attica Region.

Beginning in 2019, Lykoudis and his student team traveled to Greece to assist in rethinking the future of the town of Mati, which had been ravaged by wildfires the previous year, resulting in loss of life and near destruction of the town. Lykoudis led his students in documenting the town and the needs of its residents and in researching two other villages that offered insight into traditional Greek urbanism and architecture. Together, they created a five-year and seventy-five year plan for Mati that included vineyards and wineries that served as natural fire barriers on the outskirts of town, updated street networks to allow for easy access to emergency routes and a beautiful and functional waterfront with piers in case of evacuation. All of this was done with the purpose of retraining the village’s natural beauty and charm, as requested by Mati’s residents. 

Watch the "What Would You Fight For?" Video featuring the Mati Project.

Project Team Members: Jillian Ahern, Katarzyna Baczynska, William Marsh, Diana Neacsu, Austin Proehl, Andrew Seago, Zhuofei Tang, Alessandra Turi, Amali Wijesekera 


South Bend, Indiana

A master plan for redesigning South Bend's future.

As Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame, Lykoudis believed it was crucial for his students to engage with the community in which they live. In 1995, Lykoudis, at the request of one of the city's committees charged with the future envisioning process, initiated the downtown South Bend redesign process by leading a studio and working with his students to create a ten-year, thirty-five year and seventy-five year plan, including included mixed use development. This meant the introduction of commercial ground floors and residential upper levels, substantial increase in density, two way streets and an integration of parks and green areas throughout the central business district. In the years since the plan’s completion, city officials - including the current mayor - have used the plan as decisions have been made to improve South Bend. Many of the suggested changes have been made. 

Project Team Members: Charles Beck, Lisa Bergman, Michael Mesko,  Sean Nohelty, Tomas Ramirez



Tannin Town Center

Design of a town center in a new Alabama community

The Village of Tannin is a new community
built on the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico nestled next to the city of Orange Beach. The Town Center Building presented here was designed by Lykoudis, reflecting the ideas that allow buildings to be read as part of the public or private realms based on their use of vernacular and monumental elements. Issues of sustainability are addressed by the use of locally found materials that allow the building to adapt to the climate of this part of the Gulf Coast. The language and character of the entire development is meant to invoke a sense of place that owes its identity to the history of the area and  respect for the weather patterns, geology and nature of the local conditions. The project was exhibited at the New Palladians Exhibition at The Prince’s Foundation galleries in London and then at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands.


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