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Tannin Town Center

Design of a town center in a new Alabama community

The Village of Tannin is a new community built on the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico nestled next to the city of Orange Beach. The Town Center Building presented here was designed by Lykoudis, reflecting the ideas that allow buildings to be read as part of the public or private realms based on their use of vernacular and monumental elements. Issues of sustainability are addressed by the use of locally found materials that allow the building to adapt to the climate of this part of the Gulf Coast. The language and character of the entire development is meant to invoke a sense of place that owes its identity to the history of the area and  respect for the weather patterns, geology and nature of the local conditions. The project was exhibited at the New Palladians Exhibition at The Prince’s Foundation galleries in London and then at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands.

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