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South Bend, IA

This residence was designed and built using as many urban principles as possible within the economic and political realities of South Bend’s building industry.  The building demonstrates how a suburban house can be a better neighbor by expressing its public and private natures through its gestures to the streets and using its architectural elements to express the private and public natures of the spaces inside.  From the front door, a series of walks and courts lead to the street.  The stoop provides a transitional space between the house and the front yard where the residents can sit on warm summer days engaging the public realm of the street and pursue a public life with their neighbors.  The entrance is marked with the largest opening in the front façade with the front door directly behind the loggia that mediates between the outdoors and stoop and the entrance foyer.  Within the loggia, sitting opposite each other are two seats with a palmette motif carved in their backs signify the name of the house, Anthemion.  A small pediment atop the front entrance provides a nuanced classical quotation about the sacredness of the family without suggesting that the house is a temple.  The large double square proportioned windows on the ground floor indicate that behind them are the most public interior spaces.  The house’s private nature is reflected in the smaller upper floor windows that belong to the bedrooms.  The service rooms such as bathrooms and closets have smaller windows that express the utilitarian nature of those spaces.


85 year SBN CBD 1995 Masterplan .jpeg
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