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Educating leaders in developing towns and cities and the built environment.

PR 8.17.17 Architecture Env. Headshots 7

Michael Lykoudis is an architect, urban designer and a leader in the world of architectural education.

Over the course of his 40-year career, Lykoudis has influenced the way we think of buildings, cities and their landscapes nationally and abroad, through sustainable, resilient design, as well as through his work as the Dean of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. Lykoudis is a member of the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows and recently received the 2020 Seaside Prize for his work as an educational leader in his field. He is now continuing his work as an architectural and urban design consultant for business leaders and public officials looking to build beautiful and resilient towns, cities and spaces. 


"Architecture and Urbanism are about how people build and live together. One is the natural extension of the other." 

- Michael Lykoudis


Lykoudis advises individuals and organizations on how to think about how we live together and
how we build in an age of social, political and environmental change.

Lykoudis’s work brings traditional architecture and urbanism together with principles of resilient and sustainable design. As Dean of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, Michael has led his students in the design of many large scale projects, most notably the proposals for the downtown South Bend, Indiana city redesign and the rebuilding of the fire-ravaged city of Mati, Greece. 


"There needs to be a new narrative: one that is agile and fluid, one that links scales, disciplines and the study and practice of architecture as never before."

-Michael Lykoudis

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